Selma to Montgomery March for Immigrant Justice & Voting Rights: March 4th- 9th, 2012

People of conscience will be marching in the footsteps of history, along the Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail that was marched by civil rights leaders and everyday people in 1965 as they demanded rights, recognition, justice, and equality.  Join us, March 4- 9th, as we march to protest the systematic oppression of human dignity and voting rights that we’re witnessing today.

Valentines Day Protest

Earlier protest against HB56

Come show the love this Valentine’s Day! Help send a message to our state legislators that HB56 is not Alabama. Continue reading


We are marching tomorrow in opposition to HB56.  We begin with a rally at the capitol steps at 11 am and will march to the governor’s mansion.  VamosTogether!



Real Harms of HB56

Families suffer in the shadows of HB56. Photo by Nuno Dantas

The SPLC’s Mary Bauer’s testified to the real harms of HB56 in the lives of Alabama’s families, workers, and children.  Continue reading

Lost DREAM: Joaquin Luna’s Death

Rest in Peace Joaquin. Nobody needs papers in Heaven.

Sen. Dick Durbin told the story of Joaquin Luna’s life and death in a speech on the Senate floor this week.  Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

"Promised Land" by Christoph Niemann. Cover of The New Yorker.

This week, families across the country gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on our blessings and to give thanks for everything we have from the food on our plates to our loved ones across the table.   Any undocumented American or naturalized American would remind us that everyone born in America should be thankful for our citizenship and all the blessings that come from it.  Continue reading

Out of the Shadows: ICE is Rogue

Undocumented American being arrested.

Continue reading