Here is how you can continue to fight HB 56:

Stay informed.

We need readers to stay informed as things develop. Educate your family, friends, congregation, and neighborhoods about the devastating effect this law is having on immigrant families and communities and industries across the state. Spread the word about what is happening in Alabama, Arizona, and across the nation. Don’t forget to tell your friends though email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Stay in touch.

Subscribe to VamoTogether’s website (left side bar- under our facebook fans).

Facebook: Like our Page, befriend the VamosTogether Crew, and join the VamosTogether Group.

Follow events on our Mobilization page and be on the look our for exciting announcements on our Upcoming Campaigns page.

Sign the petitions.

To Stop HB56.

 Shame on Gov. Bentley for implementing a racist immigration law.’s petition to stop HB56.

Shame on you, Alabama. 

Ask Kanye West to Denounce Racist Law While in Alabama.

Contribute your voice.

VamosTogether is recruiting translators and writers to report on HB56 in their community of their lives. Please send us your testimonial in writing or on youtube by emailing  Articles are needed for the front page; testimonials are needed for the The Voices project; and words of support are needed for the What They’re Saying About HB56 page.


VamosTogether will soon (once again) be in need of canvassers to knock on doors and to make calls. If you helped out this summer for our marches, please join us once again for our Upcoming Campaigns. If you missed out this summer, you’re still invited.  You can sign up today by emailing- with “Volunteer” in the subject line.  Please provide your name, occupation, phone number, zip code, car (yes or no), language (Eng., Spanish, Both), and reason for wanting to help.  Probono lawyers and web support technicians are also wanted to assist VamosTogether’s projects.

Volunteer with the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama or the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice. Join protests and marches and show your support in the streets! The Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice will continue to hold events. Lawyers: The Hispanic Interest Coalition  of Alabama is looking for lawyers and legal experts to advise immigrants on their rights and help them during this time of unprecedented turmoil.


Donating may sound like the easy way out of volunteering, you simply take a minute to write a check and its done. But the truth is donations play an important part in helping non-profits continue their vital work. It doesn’t need to be a lot. Every little bit helps. The beauty lies in the culminating power of thousands of people, each one giving a little bit, coming together around a common goal. Here are three organizations doing important work in Alabama:

Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama

The Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the social, civic and economic integration of Hispanic families and individuals in Alabama.  ¡HICA! engages and empowers Alabama’s Hispanic community and its numerous cultures as an economic and civic integrator, social-resource connector, and statewide educator. Visit the website and donate online.

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice

ACIJ is a network of individuals and organizations which seek to provide a united voice dedicated to ensuring the social, legal and civic rights of all immigrants in Alabama. ACIJ’s members work to promote justice for all of Alabama’s immigrants.  Donation information is available here.

Montgomery Aids Outreach

Montgomery AIDS Outreach, Inc. (MAO) is a private, non-profit, Community Based AIDS Service Organization that was established in 1987. It has transitioned from a volunteer education and service organization to a full-time primary care facility. Clients can access both medical and social services at our Montgomery and Dothan locations, and each of the rural clinics MAO operates. MAO also provides HIV education and testing, and mental health counseling to patients and family members. Visit the website and donate online.

Through MAO’s new “Access to Care” initiative, MAO doctors and nurses will use live, high-definition video technology, and cutting edge diagnostic tools, to bring MAO’s expertise to HIV/Aid clinics throughout rural Alabama. Read more here.


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  1. Amy says:

    I hope that the legislation will reconsider this new immigration law.This new immigration law is not only harsh but it is terrible to take away the immigrant children from their parents and place them in DHR’s care.Everyone says that the state of Alabama is already in debt due to whatever reasons,but if they would stop and think of how they would feel if someone was to take away their children or grandchildren and place them with people the kids did not know. That is just wrong and I’m speaking as a mother of 3 who dhr took her kids for 1 week and that was very rough on me and so I know how it would feel and I myself would not ever wish that on anyone. In January of 2011,my husband left us for about 2 months and I saw how bad it hurt my kids and I not only promised them but myself as well that as long as I had a breathe in my body I was gonna do whatever it took to prevent them from ever getting that hurt again no matter what I had to do.

    Espero que la legislación se reconsidere esta nueva inmigración Ley aplicable.El nueva ley de inmigración no sólo es duro, pero es terrible para llevar a los niños inmigrantes de sus padres y colocarlos en care.Everyone División de Recursos Humanos dice que el estado de Alabama se encuentra ya en la deuda debido a las razones que sea, pero si quieren parar y pensar en cómo se sentirían si alguien iba a llevar a sus hijos o nietos y colocarlos con la gente que los niños no lo sabía. Que está mal y yo estoy hablando como una madre de tres que se dhr a sus hijos por una semana y que era muy áspera en mí y así que sé cómo se siente y yo no nunca desearía eso a nadie.En enero de 2011, mi esposo nos abandonó durante unos 2 meses y vi cómo le dolía a mis hijos y yo no sólo les prometió que a mí mismo, así que siempre que tenía una respiración en mi cuerpo que iba a hacer lo que fuera necesario para impedir que alguna vez conseguir que el daño de nuevo, no importa lo que tenía que hacer.

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