Ana Paulina: “I Have a Dream /  Tengo un Sueno”

Click here For an English transcript y un transcripción español.


Jose Antonio Vargas: Define American


Viridiana: An Immigrant’s Story: I’m like any other southern girl. We’re not criminals, we’re students.


Juan: An Immigrant’s Story 


Angeles: An Immigrant’s Story

Why The Voices Project?

In the immigration debates, language is employed that de-humanizes undocumented immigrants. Labels are applied such as “illegals,” “hordes,” and “waves.”

We believe that these words serve a dangerous purpose. They dehumanize undocumented immigrants before the debate has even begun. It is language such as this that made the recent passage of immigration bills in Alabama and Georgia possible. Lawmakers hear the word “illegal,” and their minds stop there, without considering the havoc their laws play in the day-to-day lives of so many people. Words are used to label and inform our reality. By changing the words, we can change the reality.

What is The Voices Project?

We are working to compile testimonials of undocumented immigrants, family members of undocumented immigrants and other citizens. We want to give a voice to the people who will be affected by this legislation, and to others who want to show their support. We believe in the power of individual testimonials and the important role they have in public discourse.

We encourage you to tell your story as an undocumented immigrant, an immigrant, or a family member.   Write an essay, a poem, or  make a YouTube video. English or Spanish.  Let us know what you think! Share your voice. Tell your story. Please submit testimonials by email to

Names, addresses, and other personnel information is not required. You are encouraged to provide only as much information as you feel comfortable doing so.

¿Qué es el Proyecto de Voces?

Estamos trabajando para recopilar testimonios de los inmigrantes indocumentados,los familiares de los inmigrantes indocumentados y otros ciudadanos. Queremos dar voz a las personas que se verán afectados por esta legislación, y para otros que quieren mostrar su apoyo. Creemos en el poder de los testimonios individuales y el papel importante que tienen en el discurso público.

Le animamos a que cuente su historia como inmigrante indocumentado, un inmigrante, un familiar, un vecino, o simplemente un ciudadano. Escribir un ensayo, un poema, o hacer un vídeo de YouTube. Inglés o Español. Háganos saber lo que piensas! Compartir tu voz. Cuente su historia. Cuéntanos lo que uno cree ¿Qué significa la comunidad, la ciudadanía, o el sueño americano significa para usted? Por favor, envíe por correo electrónico a testimonios

Nombres, direcciones, e información personal de otros no es necesario. Se le animaa suministrar información tanto como usted se siente cómodo haciéndolo.


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